Adult Bed Mattresses

Non-toxic, healthy and comfortable Vegan mattresses which are also free from animal products.

At Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress we are on a crusade! We hate the fact that chemicals are being used unnecessarily in our everyday furniture and mattresses. Research proves they cause health problems and damage the environment. We want the public to be informed so they can make their own choices.

We have spent years developing completely chemical free and safe fire-retardant materials. Over the last year we have been inundated by customers looking for a Vegan and cruelty-free mattress, without any chemicals – so we have developed them. This was no mean feat! We had always used the natural properties of wool to pass the fire regulations. Without using any wool, it was difficult to do this. But, after a year of intensive development, we have achieved it.

Our Vegan bed mattresses contain absolutely no fire-retardant chemicals, no animal products and no dangerous residues that can be inhaled or absorbed. Each of our Vegan bed mattresses are handcrafted to order in Devon and side stitched together with flax thread – we don’t use glues, solvents or adhesives in the construction.