About Cottonsafe®

The Cottonsafe® Vegan Mattress

We are proud to have created the first and original bed mattress that is Vegan friendly AND chemical free.

Unlike competitor products, our bed mattresses contain no animal products (including wool or adhesives), no harmful flame-retardant chemicals and no dangerous residues that can be inhaled or absorbed.


We have been inundated by customers looking for a Vegan and cruelty-free mattress, without any chemicals. Why? Extensive research across the world has proved that fire retardant chemicals have a negative effect on our health and the environment. Vegan mattresses are available in the UK but use fire retardant chemicals in the foam and outer cover to pass the fire regulations. (Vegan mattresses containing foam have up to six kilos of fire retardant chemicals in each king-size mattress!)

It was no mean feat to produce an extremely comfortable mattress that doesn't contain any wool (which is a natural flame retardant) but still meets the UK fire regulations without any chemical fire-retardants. But we have achieved it. Even the sides of our mattress are stitched together with strong flax thread - avoiding the use of glues, solvents or adhesives which can contain animal products such as gelatin.


Cottonsafe® Vegan mattresses use materials to pass the stringent UK fire regulations, with no added chemicals and absolutely no animal products.

Each of our Vegan bed mattresses are handmade to order in Devon and constructed on our own premises using experienced and highly skilled craftspeople.

  1. Made in Devon with all materials sourced in the UK.
  2. Completely free of all animal products.
  3. Fabulously comfortable Vegan mattresses for the whole family.
  4. Absolutely NO chemicals, so completely safe for your families' health (and your pets).
    Unlike chemically treated alternatives, Cottonsafe® Vegan Mattresses pass the UK's stringent Furniture Fire Regulations without ANY chemical fire retardants on the outer materials or inside the mattress.
  5. Free from foams or latex (which, by UK law, must be treated with fire retardant chemicals)
  6. Environmentally friendly - the materials used can be safely disposed of or recycled at the end of the products life.
  7. 100% recyclable and sustainable.
  8. Cottonsafe® Vegan Mattresses are Stockholm Convention Compliant (for end of use recycling) and the only UK mattress to be labelled as such.
  9. Cottonsafe® Vegan Mattresses are highly breathable, creating the perfect chemical-free environment for a good nights' sleep for all the family.
  10. Honest, Pure and Safe.


Frequently Asked Questions


In 1988 the British Government introduced legislation that required all sofas and mattresses to be chemically treated with Fire Retardant Chemicals to meet new fire safety standards.

As a company, although we supported the legislation, we were very unhappy about the health impact of medically untested chemicals used as flame retardants. Over the years many of these chemicals have now been banned across Europe, Canada and the US due to health and environmental concerns.

Our first step was to develop our Cottonsafe® fabric which is a blend of organic cotton and wool to create a completely chemical free mattress, quite unlike all other so-called natural mattresses on the market.

Our Vegan friends, however, did not want the wool or any animal products, so asked us to develop a chemical-free alternative. And so, after two years of research and development, we are now able to offer you our unique Cottonsafe® Vegan Mattresses.

Some of these chemicals have recently been banned and restricted (like Boric Acid, and DecaBDE) because they have been found to be toxic, but as one fire retardant chemical is banned another is replaced by an untested alternative such as Organophosphate based fire retardants. Banning does also not necessarily mean that these chemicals are no longer used. Many chemical companies negotiate a "sunset term" which means they are allowed to continue to use the chemical for up to five years POST restriction!

Yes, there is a huge amount of international research proving that these chemicals harm human health and the environment. If you'd like to know more about the fight against chemical fire retardants in the US and Europe, a Google search will give you plenty of information.

We are market leaders in Chemical Free mattresses and have continued to develop our own materials to produce textiles which are free of fire retardants and meet all the latest UK fire legislation and standards.

Cottonsafe® Vegan Mattress is unique to Cottonsafe Natural Mattress - we are the ONLY company in the UK creating a chemical free Vegan Mattress. You can buy our mattresses here online or you can visit our showroom in Woodbury, Devon.

If it contains foam - don't take it home! Foam contains a huge amount of fire retardant chemicals to meet the UK fire regulations.

When buying a Vegan mattress, ask the manufacturers if they use fire retardant chemicals in their fillings or as a back-coating on their covers - be informed, so you can make a choice.

Also, please be aware that UK Law states that as flame retardant chemicals are considered a safety issue manufacturers DO NOT HAVE TO TELL YOU that they use fire retardant chemicals to meet the UK fire regulations. Therefore you may be unaware of the chemicals which are used in any mattress you purchase.

And if you have any further questions about our Cottonsafe® Vegan Mattresses, please give us a call: 01395 239832.

The feel and firmness of a mattress depends on your definition of medium and firm - it's highly subjective. Also, your body type, weight, size, and other factors makes a big difference to the feel of the mattress. Often customers confuse support with firmness. Just because a mattress is firm does not mean it provides support. If a mattress is too firm this can lead to painful joints and even arthritis later in life. A good quality pocket sprung mattress should not have any mini springs on top (these are sometimes used by manufactures to up the spring count of their mattress) because when used prevent each spring from acting individually. A good pocket spring allows the shoulders and hips to sink deep enough into the mattress so that the mattress supports the waist, keeping the spine straight. If the mattress is too firm, pressure points build up on the hips and shoulders, lifting the body and causing a dipping or bridging effect of the spine. A mattress that provides good support simply means that it keeps your spine in proper alignment without creating pressure points. The mattress support level depends on how many full-size springs are in the mattress.

As a general guide, most people prefer a medium spring. If you are a heavier build or currently sleep on an orthopaedic or branded "Firm" mattress, you may want to look at a firmer mattress spring.

Please note the mattress can also be affected by the type of frame it is placed on. A solid slat will make the mattress feel firmer while a sprung slat will make it feel softer. A cheaper sprung slat can badly affect a mattresses support. The same goes for a solid top or sprung divan - a sprung top will make the mattress softer and a hard top to will give mattress more support.

If in doubt please contact us, we would be happy to help.

The very best option would be to come to our factory showroom to try them for yourself. As this is not possible for everyone we do offer the "40 Night Reassurance Guarantee" in-case it's not the right support level for you. Terms and conditions apply so please click here to see the details.

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