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Vegan Futomats

Welcome to our unique range of Vegan Futon-style Bed Mattress. We have had many enquiries from customer wanting a Vegan Chemical-Free Bed Mattress without a full-size pocket spring unit and so we have developed them. 

These Vegan Futon-style Bed Mattresses are a good alternative for customers looking for a mattress with NO springs (excluding the Pocket Sprung version). They are firmer than traditional bed mattresses and have a different feel. Using pom-poms rather than buttons they have an even sleeping surface with a Quilted ‘Purity’ cover. They have a European style with a zip around the mattress (for production purposes only – this cannot be removed). 

As always in our Vegan products, no animal fibres, fire retardant chemicals or adhesives are used. They are also hypoallergenic and totally breathable, so perfect for customers with allergies.

Choose from the Vegan Coir Futomat (firmest), Vegan TradLux Futomat, Vegan Latex Futomat or Vegan Pocket-Sprung Futomat (the softest).

What is the difference between a Futon and a Futomat?

A Vegan Futomat is NOT a Futon but a Futon-style bed mattress. The UK Fire Regulations class a Futon as a seat (folded to fit on a sofa), whilst a Futomat is classed as a bed mattress.  They must pass different types of fire tests to be legal and safe. Our Vegan Futomats, therefore, are only sold as a bed mattress.

How are Vegan Futomats different from our Adult Pocket Sprung Bed Mattresses?

Our Futomats give a completely different type of sleep experience to a traditional bed mattress. As they are a solid mattress, made from different layers of natural materials, they create a vastly different surface feel to our Vegan Bed Mattresses. We tend to explain that you sleep ‘on’ the surface of a traditional Pocket Sprung Bed Mattress, but you sleep ‘within’ the surface of a Futomat.

As our Vegan Futomats are made from natural fibres, they will behave in a particular way and create a firm sleep surface. When pressure is applied to the mattress surface, air will be expelled in that area and the fibres will settle. Over time the settlement (up to 20%) will work across the whole of the mattress. However, if you consistently simply sleep on one area of the mattress (e.g. one person sleeping in the centre of a double mattress) that one area will create a dip. This is not a manufacturing fault. It is essential to follow our Care Instructions by sleeping across the whole surface of the mattress, and by turning and rolling the mattress to help the settlement.  

Futomat depth

Our Vegan Futomats are thinner than one of our Adult Bed mattresses as they do not contain the full set of pocket springs. Depth is approximately 6 inches or 15cm deep.

Which bed base is suitable for a Vegan Futomat?

The Vegan TradLux Futomat is not designed to be used without a bed base, as the natural fibres need to breath. We suggest a slatted base is best and the slats need to be approximately 7.5cm apart. A mattress protector is also advised as the natural fibres within the mattress must not get damp.

What are the Vegan Futomat eco credentials?

Our Vegan Futomats are eco-friendly as we use no animal products, chemical additives, or adhesives in their construction. The fillings are 100% recyclable and are Stockholm Agreement Complaint.  


Most sizes of our Futomats will arrive rolled rather than flat. Delivery is normally within 7 days. Futomats which are 6’ (Super King) in size will be transported by a different courier and may take longer to be delivered – contact us for details.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to call or email us for expert advice.

Vegan Coir Futomat
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Vegan TradLux Futomat
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Vegan Latex Futomat
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