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Vegan Pocket Sprung Futomat

Vegan Pocket Sprung Futomat

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Mattress Protector

Vegan Pocket Sprung Futomat – Softest feel

IMPORTANT: Vegan Futomats behave differently from our Vegan pocket-sprung mattresses and WILL settle over time and will therefore feel firmer than a traditional bed mattress. Our Vegan Futomats give a completely different type of sleep experience to a traditional bed mattress. As they are a solid mattress, made from different layers of natural materials. You sleep ‘on’ the surface of a traditional Pocket Sprung Bed Mattress, but you sleep ‘within’ the surface of a Futomat. Also due to the thick layers we use, a degree of settlement will naturally occur over time.  This process may be accelerated by constant pressure or lying in a certain area leaving a slight hollow. This is quite natural; over time this will smooth out when the fillings settle evenly.

Our fabulous Vegan Pocket Sprung Futomat contains a small 2” Nano-coil unit in the centre, and 4 layers of white Cotton Rich felt. The only Vegan Futomat we produce which has any metal or springs in it, the Vegan Pocket Sprung Futomat is the softest feel of Futomat we produce. The small Nano-coil in the very centre of the mattress helps the fibres keep their bounce and aids air circulation.

This Nano micro-coil is made from upcycled steel, ultrasonically welded into polypropylene non-woven fabric, and placed in the comfort layer to enhance the sleep experience. The Nano-coil produces enhanced air circulation, responsive support and durability.

The Vegan Pocket Sprung Futomat is filled with our white cotton-rich filling which is a mixture between cotton and pure polyester (around 20%). This keeps the cotton fibre from tangling and knotting and it increases loft thickness, allowing more air to pass through the fibres.  It reduces dust and helps body moisture evaporation.  It also stops the cotton layers from pulling or breaking apart. We use the white cotton-only felt rather than the grey felts used in the mattress industry, as the grey felt is likely to contain wool and other animal fibres.

Our Futomats are handmade to order and are zipped before being tufted– we use no chemicals, solvents or adhesives in production. Our craftsmen hand tuft our mattresses with polyester pom-poms to hold the filling layers together. Encased in a soft quilted ‘Purity’ cover, which is zipped into place, the Vegan Pocket Sprung Futomat provides a luxurious sleep surface. The zipped cover is used for production purposes but is not removable.   

The Vegan Pocket Sprung Futomat is not designed to be used without a bed base, as the natural fibres need to breath. We suggest a slatted base is best and the slats need to be approximately 7.5cm apart. A mattress protector is also advised as the natural fibres within the mattress must not get damp.

All our Vegan Futomats have a one-year manufacturing guarantee and care instructions are provided with your order. Every part of a Futomat is totally recyclable and meets the Stockholm Agreement Compliant for recycling.  


- Quilted Purity Polyester Cover
- Cotton Rich Felt
- Cotton Rich Felt
- 2 inch Pocket Sprung Unit
- Cotton Rich Felt
- Cotton Rich Felt
- Quilted Purity Polyester Cover


Single - 3' x 6'3 (90 x 190 cm)
Small Double - 4' x 6'3 (120 x 190 cm)
Double - 4'6 x 6'3 (140 x 190 cm)
King - 5' x 6'6 (150 x 200 cm)
Super King - 6' x 6'6 (180 x 200cm)


Our Vegan Futomats are handmade to order and delivery will normally be within 7 days. Super King (6') size Futomats will take longer to be delivered due to their size. Call for details.  It will come rolled and double bagged for ease of transport.

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