Pocket Springs - A problem solved!

Pocket Springs - A problem solved!

You know what I think is confusing? Pocket springs!

More specifically, how many do I need, and how important is it really?

Short answer is at least 1000 and very.

This wouldn’t be a particularly helpful blog if I left it there though so let’s delve a little further. Pocket springs are individual springs housed in their own little fabric cases, known in this industry (and this unlikely to come as much of a shock) as pockets. The springs are completely independent of each other, with the pockets being joined instead. This means that each spring will move with minimal impact on the springs next to it. It is this characteristic that makes pocket springs critical in high quality mattresses. If you have a particularly fidgety partner (I do and feel your pain), their movements will be much less impactful than if you had a lower quality spring. It also allows each spring to mould to the contours of the sleepers body.

An important thing to remember is that more springs doesn’t necessarily mean a firmer mattress. Our Vegan Luxury mattress has the most springs 2000 in our range and is our softest mattresses, on the flip side of that the Vegan Value which is our most firm has 1000.

What does effect whether a mattress is soft or firm is the amount of turns in the spring and the thickness of the wire. Equally as important to the feel of the mattress are the filing used. Our range of mattresses use a plethora of different fibres that give many different comfort experiences. That particular journey down a rabbit hole can wait for another day (and another blog)!

Within the industry it is widely agreed that a quality mattress that will be comfortable and offer lasting support will have at least 1000 springs. That is why you will see across our range that we only offer mattresses with 1000 pocket springs and above. More is generally considered better as they offer more support and more undisturbed sleep which is why some of our mattresses have a higher spring count (have a look at the Vegan Luxury). We also use a shallower pocket spring as more of a filling to help bring a unique, blissfully comfortable sleeping surface.

I hope this helps, we only use the best springs available and between the amount of pockets and the beautiful fibres we use in our fillings, I am confident we can get you to stop worrying about spring counts and start worrying about waking up on time!

Happy sleeping,


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