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Vegan Value Mattress

Vegan Value Mattress

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Our Vegan Value Bed Mattress contains absolutely no fire retardant chemicals, no animal products, no foam and no dangerous residues that can be inhaled or absorbed.

Each of our Vegan Value bed mattresses are handcrafted to order in Devon and side stitched together with flax thread – we don’t use glues, solvents or adhesives in the construction unlike all our competitors.

The velvety soft polyester Purity cover provides a lovely sleeping surface and the mattress is completely turnable as the fillings are equal on both sides.

Inside the mattress we use safe, low carbon footprint recycled polyester for maximum breathability, comfort and support. At the very centre is nested a 1000 sprung “Active Support Technology®” pocket sprung unit. This is snuggled under a thick layer of polyester, giving you total support and comfort. The pocket springs are in their own separate pocket which allows the mattress to adjust and respond to your body weight. To make your choice simple we offer two types of support level - Medium or Firm.

It’s interesting that polyester sometimes has a bad press because it is a man-made fibre – but polyester is incredibly strong and gives great longevity! Furthermore, it has a carbon footprint of about 3.8 Kg CO2e/Kg. This is about 40% less than that of cotton – so a much lower environmental impact and very low off-gassing properties.

We care about your lifestyle choices, the environment, your health and our carbon footprint. So, at last, an affordable and chemical free Vegan Value Mattress which you can trust.

• Completely free from animal products

• No foams, fire retardant chemicals, no adhesives or glues

• Soft polyester cover

• A 1000 spring count with either medium or firm support

• Turnable Active Support Technology®

• Unlike all other mattresses, we comply with the Stockholm Convention on recycling and each mattress is clearly labelled as such

• 5 year manufacturing guarantee

• Delivery: 3-6 weeks

• 21cm deep

• Available in Single 3’, Long Single 3' x 6'6, Small Double 4', Double 4’6, King 5’ and Super King 6' sizes.

Looking for a more luxury Vegan chemical free mattress – have a look at the Vegan Choice.



• Super Soft Polyester Purity Cover
• Polyester
• 1000 Pocket Spring Unit
• Polyester
• Super Soft Polyester Purity Cover

Our Vegan Value bed mattresses have polyester layers and a 1000 pocket-sprung unit in the centre which gives excellent comfort and support. The pocket springs are sewn into their own individual pockets which allows the mattress to adjust and respond to your body weight, giving ultimate support.


Single 3’ (90 x 190 cm)

Long Single 3’ x 6’6 (90 x 200 cm)

Small Double 4' (120 x 190 cm)

Double 4’6 (140 x 190 cm)

King 5’ (152 x 200 cm)

Euro King 5'3 (160 x 200 cm)

Super King 6’ (180 x 200 cm)

Depth 20 cm seam to seam or 29 cm from top to bottom

When your mattress first arrives it may exceed these dimensions as it requires time and use to settle.


3-6 weeks

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