The First Vegan Society Registration Granted for Mattresses

The First Vegan Society Registration Granted for Mattresses

We are very proud to announce that our new animal cruelty-free mattresses have attained coveted Vegan Society Registration. Not just a single mattress, but a complete range of adult and children's Vegan Mattresses using cotton, bamboo and polyester. This is a major breakthrough for health-conscious Vegan customers, as most flame retardant chemicals are based on pesticides and have significant health risks.

At Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress we have always been committed to the development of chemical free mattresses, that pass the strict UK fire regulations without any added chemicals. Our first Cottonsafe® mattresses used wool as a natural fire retardant, but this was obviously not a good solution for Vegans.

Customers were desperately searching for animal-free and chemical-free alternatives. Up to now, the Vegan mattresses available were often foam based. These contain massive amounts of chemicals (up to 5 kilos in a mattress) and use animal products and derivatives in the adhesives. The search is made more difficult by The Advertising Standards Agency, who allow manufacturers to claim their products are chemical free despite using fire retardants. It is a so called "safety issue".

Always up for a challenge, it took us a year to develop an authentic chemical free Vegan mattress range. The materials we use include recycled polyester, cotton, hemp and bamboo. These are hand stitched with natural flax onto an award-winning pocket sprung system. These materials are also ideal for those with allergies.

Each component we use has been certified by our suppliers, as using no animal products either within the materials themselves or in their production. They have also been endorsed as free from cross-contamination to achieve the stringent Vegan Society Registration.

Cottonsafe® passionately support the Circular Economy and reducing our carbon footprint by recycling. We are the only company in the UK whose mattresses are Stockholm Convention Compliant (recycling) and labelled as such. We are looking forward to working together with our friends at The Vegan Society who are also committed to a healthy green future.  

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