Surely my pillow is chemical free and vegan friendly?

Surely my pillow is chemical free and vegan friendly?

The vast majority of the UK use hollowfibre pillows, known for their softness and support. As hollowfibre is naturally fire retardant, surely these pillows are chemical free? As baffling as it sounds, the market are still using fire retardant chemicals on a product that has no requirement for fire safety when the right materials are used correctly.

Despite hollowfibre being made from polyester, which is inherently fire retardant without any chemical treatment, UK manufacturers are choosing to use additional materials and treatments which results in the use of FR chemicals.

Silicone is frequently applied to the hollowfibre to allow the pillow to be washed and increase its longevity. This sounds fantastic in principle, until you realise that silicone itself is incredibly flammable, therefore they treat the entire pillow contents and cover with fire retardant chemicals to keep you “safe” from fire risk. These chemicals are both skin permeable and airborne, so it is shocking to think that they are being used on a product with such close proximity to the face and our respiration system.

The alternative is typically memory foam which will not pass UK regulations without chemical treatment.

Our Vegan pillows are made with pure hollowfibre filling that has no additional treatment applied to it in any manner. No silicone, adhesives, bleach or chemical treatment at all. These pillows still have the loft and comfort that hollowfibre is known for, without the additional nasties!

Vegan pillows that are chemical free and fire retardant
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