Introducing our new range of Bamboo Protectors and Duvets.

You’ll know at Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress, we’ve made it our life’s work to bring luxurious Chemical and Fire Retardant Free mattresses and futons into your homes.

But did you know it’s really hard to find bedding and bed linens that haven’t been filled with fire retardant chemicals?

We’re super excited to have discovered Panda London who have developed their own line of organic, chemical free, bamboo products.  

We’re already big fans of Bamboo, you’ll find lashings of it in our Vegan Luxury and Sidmouth Non-Turn mattresses, so we’ve now added Panda’s bamboo mattress protectors and Cloud Duvets to our collection.


Why we love bamboo


Bamboo is an organically grown wonder-plant that grows up to three feet a day, providing high yields per acre, saving land.

The bamboo is sustainably grown in managed forests, meeting the highest social and environmental standards.

Bamboo requires a third less water than cotton to thrive and doesn’t need pesticides, fertilisers, or chemicals. 

Bamboo is a luxuriously soft fabric, and its strong silky fibres mean this long lasting material gets softer wash after wash.

It is antibacterial, anti-microbial and inhospitable to micro-organisms and parasites such as dust mites and bed bugs.

Bamboo is also hypoallergenic, gently protecting against skin irritation as well as moisture and odour-wicking keeping you dry and comfortable all night long.

With its temperature regulating properties it’s a perfect insulator for the chilly winter months whilst being breathable which will help keep you cool in the summer.

Washable at low temperature and naturally quick drying, Bamboo is an excellent easy-care product for busy lives and saves on energy costs as well!


Why we love Panda

Wildlife Friendly

The bamboo is from FSC approved forests, which means wildlife habitats are protected and monitored.

Bamboo is vegan friendly, you won’t find any animal products in any of these Duvets or Protectors.

They use a closed-loop filtration system which means the liquid used to soak the bamboo pulp is recycled and the water filtered out is used in local agricultural irrigation saving water.

To uphold their responsible sourcing standards they only work with suppliers who meet the rigorous standards of the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit, ensuring workers have safe working conditions, fair wages and opportunities to raise concerns with their employers.

Panda only uses organically grown bamboo ensuring it is pesticide and chemical free and with no added chemicals through the entire manufacturing process we’re confident you’ll love it as much as we do.

Bamboo Mattress Protector




Bamboo Mattress Protectors 




The Cloud Bamboo Duvet




The Cloud Bamboo Duvet




Kids Cloud Bamboo Duvet





Kids Cloud Bamboo Duvet


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