Free Cottonsafe ® or Pure Choice Mattress Topper when you purchase a Cottonsafe ® or Pure Choice Bed Mattress. Just enter the coupon code at the checkout. Use "CS-TOPPER" to add a free Cottonsafe ® Topper or "PC-TOPPER" to add a free Pure Choice Topper. Your free Topper will be the same size as the bed mattress you purchase saving you up to £235! Please note, this coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon code. There are several great reasons for using a fabulously comfortable topper on your bed mattress. ♥ Designed with the best quality materials available in the UK, when placed on top of your existing bed mattress or futon, the Topper will give you an exquisite additional layer for ultimate comfort and relaxation. ♥ A sumptuous layer of the white Cotton Rich fibre is encased in our unique quilted covers. Cool in summer and warm in winter. ♥ Meets all fire regulations naturally – no harmful chemicals or fire retardants here! ♥ Organic cotton and natural wool Cottonsafe ® or our supersoft and breathable polyester Pure Choice covers. ♥ A Topper will help protect your new mattress and provide a breathable barrier between the user and the mattress. ♥ Handmade to order here in Devon and with speedy delivery, our Toppers are a great way of upgrading your mattress without breaking the bank. Luxury you can afford. See more information about the Cottonsafe ® Mattress Topper here Or click here for more information about the Pure Choice Topper This offer is available on our Cottonsafe ® Medium, Cottonsafe ® Firm and Pure Choice Bed Mattresses: [products ids="59, 1702, 42" orderby="date"]